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Re: Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

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Из обсуждений с буржуйского гипно-форума:

    Just in case you don't know it yet. Anthony Jacquin and Kevin Sheldrake, the co-developers of the Automatic Imagination Model, closed Head Hacking Research. They still friends and they products are still online but we're not going to see them again.

    Interesting how many of these guys started as a pack and now they develop their own approaches and styles: James Tripp, Anthony, Marcus Lewis, Amit Badiani, Vince Lynch and others have now their own path when it comes to hypnotize people for healing and/or entertanment.

    Hope we can see them again together in the future, that would be awesome.

    ps: Anyone knows what is going to happen with Change Penomena?

    There will be no more.
    There may be something similar in the future.

    Anthony is rebranding himself together with his father (Freddy).

    Anthony will be presenting on this year's http://ukhypnosisconvention.co.uk/uk-hypnosis-convention/speakers-2016

    Some of the people listed are fucking broke financially. It seems the interest for Hypnosis and NLP is somewhat of a minority.

    It was doomed anyway. Automatic Imagination Model was a mess from the start and they'd have to completely start over to get anywhere.

    They base the AIM model on their belief that there is no such thing as free will, that people are automatons.

    From the view of AIM, even the post you wrote was by a robot with no choice at all. Zero. Nothing has meaning, there are no morals, no ethics, no love, and so on, none of it.

    To choose to believe you cannot choose, that it doesn't exist, is more than a bit silly and if a person goes ahead and does it, fully, then that will be the last choice they make thanks to fully succeeding with AIM.

    BTW: The movie The Zero Theorem by Terry Gilliam, in part, concerns the madness that surrounds such a view

    I believe we understand AIM from different perspectives, also I believe you missundestand what people like Ant says when he talks about free will, maybe :-)

    Here is one of many examples and I directly quote directly about fact of what I said. It's from their perspective directly stated, no interpretation, here ya go:

    AIM model explanation: "We are automatons, presented with an on-going illusion of consciousness and agency. No matter how much it feels like you have conscious control, you don’t – that’s just an illusion created by your automatic brain. Altering this illusion causes actions to be perceived as happening automatically or involuntarily.

    While we are imagining the effect of the suggestion, it is not that we need to create the sensation of involuntariness – for everything is actually involuntary – it is that we need to remove the sensation of intention that has been ascribed to the action.


    I am not interpreting the above, I am directly quoting.

    You having a different perspective than what they directly state is something you're doing, not them.

    You're arguing against them, not me.

    I'm letting this go now. If their own statements of fact about their beliefs and model aren't enough for you, then you're stuck with what you believe instead of reality.

Re: Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

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На "Складчике" появились темы на перевод пары книжек Джерома Финли :ps_ih: :ps_ih:

Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

Head Hacking – Free Your Mind


Кому надо, и так знают, что эт за "товарищ" такой :hi_hi_hi: :hi_hi_hi:
Хотя, не думаю, что они осилят перевод "Завесы мысли". Там страничек то много, очень много...

Так вот, что самое интересное... Есть видюшки, на которых Джером шляется в брендовой майке "HEAD HAKER". И я не думаю, что это простое совпадение... :du_ma_et: :du_ma_et:

:gar_mo:nist: :gar_mo:nist:

Re: Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

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Я не знаю ,что это за "товарищ"?

Re: Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

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SolidAngle писал(а):Я не знаю ,что это за "товарищ"?

Скажем так... на форуме присутствуют люди, которые знают, что это за товарищщщ :hi_hi_hi: :hi_hi_hi:
И эти люди, в принципе...., знают то, что они о нем ...знают :ps_ih:

Суть вкратце - электронные книжки данного персонажа продаются ограниченному кругу лиц, очень ограниченным "тиражом" по ценам 300-500 баксов... :jn_pu_sk: :jn_pu_sk:

Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

Дело не в особой сякретности того, о чем он пишет... Просто если "секрет фокуса" становится известен многим, то фокус перестает быть интересным.... Как-то так....
Это как с книгой "Эффекты Пигмалиона" от Александра Аарона. :ts_ss: :ts_ss:

Re: Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

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Энтони Жакуин и Фредди Жакуин
Jacquin Hypnosis Academy :ps_ih: :ps_ih:

Re: Head Hacking – Free Your Mind

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:hi_hi_hi: :hi_hi_hi: